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Aging laboratory-Cantina Baladin

The industry has “places of research” which it calls Research and Development. Artisans like us do not need special “places” to do research, as these often overlap with very emotional spaces where we innovate and, at the same time, feel moved. Our “place of research” is called Cantina Baladin. It is in this special fermentation cellar that we are developing one of the most important, visionary and distinctive projects in the world of Baladin: the study and evolution of macro-oxidation techniques applied to beer.

- Marco-oxidation: this technique involves controlling the process of oxidation of the fermenting wort and, later, of beer (i.e. the fermented wort). This peculiar and innovative production technique applied to beer brewing allows products to develop a natural preservative and, at the same time, to release very particular esters. Of course, it is not an easy process, but a long period of study which began at the end of the ‘90s led to the first results in 2004. We are still developing it and, in future, it will significantly revolutionize the concept of non pasteurized beer, both in organoleptic (we are likely to create a specific category of macro-oxidized products) and technical terms (preservation techniques).
- The interaction with the laboratory of analysis: of course, the cellar has a tight link with our laboratory of analysis - an essential tool to monitor and validate the activities carried out to develop and control oxidation. Enhancing the laboratory of analysis with more sophisticated tools and equipment to support our research is essential for the development of Baladin.
- The tools: the work of Cantina Baladin begins when the wort is fermenting inside steel vats, but the most delicate fermentation stage takes place inside natural containers. These are mainly wooden barrels of different sizes, made with wood of different origins and previously used in different ways. We are now approaching new aging techniques which use other types of containers, such as terracotta jars. The goal of this innovation is to use these and other new containers to evolve our products and their production technique.
- Evolution in time: time is the key to the innovative approach followed by Baladin. Often the lack of time is also due to the lack of structures and of fermentation tools of adequate size to meet the high demand coming from all over the world. The brewery wants to further grow the project of Cantina Baladin leaving some of the work to time. We would like to introduce the innovative concept of long aging in the world of craft beer, so as to legally put on the market products years after their production. The idea is to experiment with different aging techniques and even explore the so-called Solera method, widely used with wines and distillates.

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