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“Cola Baladin” is a soft drink which contains no artificial coloring or preservative and is produced with the kola nuts bought from the Kola Slow Food Presidium in Sierra Leone. The money paid for the kola nuts, plus part of the revenues from the sales of the drink, are a small economic resource to further support the project itself. The recipe is 100% natural and uses amazing ingredients: oranges from Gargano, lemons from the Amalfi Coast and myrtle-leaf oranges from Savona give it the citrus flavor. The complex aroma of spices has kola nuts at its core, as well as cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg and a few more secret spices… water, white cane sugar and nothing else! Another important and rather odd thing about this drink: the use of kola nuts and the choice not to use artificial colorings mean that this new Baladin drink has a rather “unusual” color for a cola: IT’S RED! This red color sets it apart from more “commercial” products and makes it immediately clear that our intent is not only to make a profit: our drink is also a sign to show consumers that it often takes very little to play our part in supporting those who cannot even support themselves.


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