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THE WHOLE WORLD OF BALADIN is a few clicks away: from our website to social networks.


Baladin is first and foremost good craft beer, but it is also a world where the taste for good things, ideas and dreams to share intertwine. Many Baladin lovers want to get in contact with us, and more and more often come and visit the brewery, the pub in Piozzo and the aging cellar. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the time to travel to Piedmont: that’s why we have decided to open the doors of the “world of Baladin” to everyone, with a new website and more interaction on social networks. The new website has the ambition to tell the story of Baladin and Teo Musso, explain how we see our work, and give updated information on the initiatives we are involved in. It will describe all the beers we produce and the products made or selected for Baladin. You will find our pubs and restaurants and read about their history, events and menus; you will have the chance to participate in special initiatives, or tell us that you would like to come and visit. We have decided to talk to you through a magazine, like the one you are reading right now. A “Baladin News”, where we can express ourselves our own way, free from editorial constraints and with the ambition to offer you juicy information and news. We have also reorganized our presence on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we have much more in the pipeline… Well, we are people who think analog, but communicate with modern tools!


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