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Seared scallops with pumpkin and crispy bacon



The “video-recipes” of our restaurant "Casa Baladin" are back, with dishes realized by our #Chef Christian Meloni Delrio and paired to our beers. 


So, here we go again with our ZUCCA beer dedicated to the autumn, that our volcanic Chef has paired to a capasanta seared with bacon and #pumpkin

We will wait for you at our Casa Baladin “in the farmhouse" to taste this delicious proposal and other delicacies of our menù. For the time being, enjoy the show and let’s hope to make you #hungry!!!



Ingredients for 4 people:


4 scallop pulps


4 slices of bacon


1 Hokkaido pumpkin


1 Cervere leek


2 dl vegetable bouillon


Oil, salt, pepper


1/4 of Piozzo’s pumpkin®


Mixed salad



Cook the whole pumpkin in an electric or wood burning oven.

Once cooked, open it, take off the seeds and pull out the pulp with a tablespoon.

Finely cut the leek and make it stewing, add the pumpkin, the broth, salt and pepper. Whirl everything together and sift.


Place a baking pan on a baking tray for about 5 minutes at 180°. Dry off the exceeding fat.


Fry the scallops in a non-stick pan.

Reduce the Piozzo’s pumpkin® into carpaccio.

In a plate put a tablespoon of pumpkin cream, the seared scallops, the mesclun salad, the pumpkin, the crispy bacon and decorate everything as you prefer.



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