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Let’s celebrate the birthday of Super on May 25th



Year: 1997                            Month: May                                Day: 25


The history

A rampant Teo Musso decides the time has come to turn around his budding brewing business: he would bottle his most precious creature, his SUPER BALADIN!


Since then, a lot of beer – uh, water has flowed under the bridge, but our SUPER… well, it’s still SUPER! How can we celebrate such a symbolic milestone in the history of the Baladin brewery and, if we may say so, of Italian craft beer in general? In these 20 years, SUPER BALADIN has “given birth” to many other versions: a SUPER 500 to celebrate the rebirth of the famous Italian car, and then SUPER CHEESE, dedicated to the cheese festival held in Bra. SUPER SOUR, particularly appreciated in the US; SUPER PASTA, dedicated to the world of food and the cooperation with a IL PASTAIO DI GRAGNANO. And how could we forget SUPER ARROGANT, the first cooperation with our friends from the American brewery STONE BREWING, which in turn inspired Teo to create the much praised SUPER BITTER and SUPER RISERVA. And here comes another winning idea from the volcanic Teo, who has exploded with not one, not two, but THREE brand new versions of his great classic beer:  SUPER MOSAIC, SUPER GENTILE and SUPER CINNAMON. Starting from May 25th, 2017 they will be available in limited quantities for all those who love and still want to enjoy our SUPER BALADIN, and will not want to miss these three gems. A gesture of love from their creator for his most acclaimed creature in these first 20 years.


Do you want to know more about these three SUPER wonders? Here’s a few notes:

SUPER MOSAIC: amber colored, 8% abv – A beer with a distinct scent of tropical and citrus fruit (mango, pineapple, citrus), which comes from the generous use of Mosaic hops that give it its name. The taste shows great balance between the bitterness and the caramelized notes of barley, which blend with the delicate hints of syrupy fruit and the alcohol, that you will only feel when… you’ve drank the whole bottle!


SUPER GENTILE: amber colored, 8% abv – The scent is dominated by the flavor of fresh hazelnuts, which comes from the use of “Tonda Gentile” hazelnut flour, a typical product of lower Piedmont. The skins of the hazelnuts give the taste a rich aromatic profile, where the hazelnut perfectly combines with the notes of dried fruit that are typically found in Super Baladin.


SUPER CINNAMON: amber colored, 8% abv - In this version, the flavors of cinnamon that immediately emerge in the scent blend with the malty notes of the classic SUPER, creating a subtle harmony.  The cinnamon aroma expands in the mouth and completes the bouquet of tastes by developing a beautiful balance of ripe and syrupy fruit, dried figs and almonds…


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