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Christian Meloni Delrio Chef of Casa Baladin on a challenge to the last ingredient.. Will our hero manage, with the help of the Baladin creative team, to come up every month with a video-recipe paired with our spectacular beers? Here is the first episode where our fearless chef will engage with Nora, the Egyptian Ale and the ‘4 minutes egg’.. who will get the upper hand? Surely our palate..

Don’t forget to follow all the episodes on our YT channel and the other Baladin socials! The next challenge will be against..   well, you’ll have to discoverit in the next episode!


Birra Nora  Baladin  and the ‘4 minutes egg’


Clense the thistles and throw the stringy part.. Cook in boiling water with a lemon slice.

Dice the cheese and putit it with the milk in a bain-marie pan

Put the eggs in colf water and bring to boil. Boil for 4 minutes and then cool off immediately. Peel the eggs carefully to not to break them. Roll the eggs in the flour, the beaten egg and in the ground corn flour.  

Meanwhile, mix the melted cheese with an egg yolk and place again in bain-marie

Sieve the Thistles and cool them off. Dice them and pass them in butter ‘noisette’.

Bring the oil to temperature.

Sieve the fondue.

Serve placing the fondue at the base of the plate, then the thistles. In the meanwhile fry the egg for a few seconds until golden and crunchy.

Add salt and ease down the egg on the thistles.

Decorate as desired.


The 4minutes" EGG with fondue and THISTLES

Pairing:  NORA

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Fresh eggs: 4 

Thistle: 200 gr

Alpine Toma cheese: 250gr

Fresh milk: 100 ml

Flour: as needed

Stone ground corn flour: as needed

Peanut oil: as needed

Salt and pepper: as needed



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