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Breaking News! The Baladin Hop Machine has arrived!!! 


In 2008 - in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute in Fossano - we planted the first hop plants a few kilometers from Piozzo and looked ahead with hope. In 2011 came Nazionale, the first 100% Italian beer made with these hops. Now, in 2015, we introduce a great innovation, a further step along the road we took many years ago…

Until now, every single seed cone (the female flowers) was handpicked. However, in order to ensure a sustainable future for this new cultivation, we had to find a more efficient solution.  

Unfortunately, the only machines found on the market are very large and designed for extensive fields which do not exist in our country. 


As it has often been the case in the history of Baladin, thanks to Teo’s vision and the valuable contribution of Antonello Musso from the Birra Frè farm an alternative solution has been found…

With the help of the Conterno workshops in Piozzo the first prototype of an Italian wheeled harvester has been created.

This machine is an important step towards the development of hop cultivation in Italy. It will separate flowers from the plant directly on the field, saving time, money and, more importantly, ensuring a better quality of the product.


The 2016 Baladin Italian hop harvest was carried out with this machine.

We are confident that Nazionale 2016 will be the best ever, and we are proud of what the work of many Italian minds and hands has produced.


Below the "historical" video of the prototype. Now the machine is ready to be propose on the market (for info write to Officine Conterno).


Viva la Birra Viva!



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