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Last July, Simonmattia Riva was crowned World Champion at the international competition for beer sommeliers organized in Brazil by the Doemens Akademie in Munich, which has been training master brewers for more than one hundred years and Biersommelier for eleven.

Simonmattia won the well deserved title beating 50 Biersommelier from all over the world.

After the three initial tests – blind tasting, a test on the knowledge of beer history, production, styles, market and combinations with food and the identification of  off flavors – six finalists were selected.

The last test required contestants to describe one beer in five minutes, choosing it from the jury’s suggestions. They had to provide information on its style, give a sensory evaluation and suggest possible combinations with food.

One of these beers was Baladin NORA and it is thanks to its description that Simonmattia won over his professional and fierce fellow contestants.

Simonmattia gave Baladin the profile of one of Teo’s most important and beloved beers.

We thank him for this and are happy to share his words with you. 


"Nora, our Egyptian beer, has the color of precious amber, which in ancient times was processed in the land of Pharaohs, and is crowned by a white and extremely fine head.

Its scent is initially reminiscent of yeasts, a testimony to Teo’s Belgian inspiration. It then releases warm, enrapturing notes of apricot jam, persimmon and porridge, which harmoniously blend with the fresh pungency of ginger and the resinous seduction of myrrh.

It hits the palate with the sweetness of malt and fall fruit, balanced by the acidulous fragrance of wheat that can be tasted at the sides of the tongue. The absence of bitterness from hops is compensated by the surprising final balsamic freshness, reminiscent of the paan masala eaten at the end of Indian dinners, and characterized by notes of ginger, star aniseed and fennel seeds.

Thanks to this combination of warmth and freshness, it is enjoyable both in fall and in warm seasons. It would go well with a couscous with chickpeas, peppers and okra, spiced with fresh coriander, cumin and cardamom, or with persimmon jam tarts with drops of white chocolate."

[Simonmattia Riva]


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