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During the last few days I have received tens of phone calls and text messages by colleagues, journalists, Italian and foreign customers as well as beer enthusiasts asking for comments on the important company development communicated by our friends of Birra del Borgo. Leonardo and myself are first of all friends. We have shared together a long professional road. Together we have launched a pub, symbol of the Italian craft beer, the Open Baladin in Rome. Leonardo with his Beer Master and entrepreneurial skills has represented for me a great opportunity to compare and exchange views. I respect his personal choices even if different from my entrepreneurial vision. The philosophy driving the ‘Open’ pubs is to host independent breweries and since this element is not present anymore in the new company asset of BdB, we have decided coherently to stop serving their beers. I feel appropriate and right to recall the philosophy and principles that guide my independent farm brewery devoted to take the responsibility of the whole production chain, Italian, that starts with the cultivation of the agricultural raw materials (over 80%), their processing and distribution. I will end by wishing Leonardo the great entrepreneurial success he deserves, sure that in the future as the Beer Master he is, he will get us to taste excellent beers.


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