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The international Jury of the ‘Birra dell’anno’ competition organised by Unionbirrai has voted BALADIN ‘BREWERY OF THE YEAR 2017’! We are happy to communicate this with pride because this important accomplishment is the result of the work of a GREAT GROUP committed to transmit a philosophy of thought and support the visionary dimension of its guide, Teo Musso.






Join us to celebrate 30 years of Baladin, 20 years of the Baladin brewery and the opening of our new production plant.


Four days of big celebrations, shows, music and gourmet food with pizzas by Gabriele Bonci and street food by Baladin… Of course, plenty of Baladin beers for everyone!



During the last few days I have received tens of phone calls and text messages by colleagues, journalists, Italian and foreign customers as well as beer enthusiasts asking for comments on the important company development communicated by our friends of Birra del Borgo. Leonardo and myself are first of all friends. We have shared together a long professional road. Together we have launched a pub, symbol of the Italian craft beer, the Open Baladin in Rome. Leonardo with his Beer Master and entrepreneurial skills has represented for me a great opportunity to compare and exchange views.



Breaking News! The Baladin Hop Machine has arrived!!! 


In 2008 - in cooperation with the Agricultural Institute in Fossano - we planted the first hop plants a few kilometers from Piozzo and looked ahead with hope. In 2011 came Nazionale, the first 100% Italian beer made with these hops. Now, in 2015, we introduce a great innovation, a further step along the road we took many years ago…



We are very happy to announce that we are at Expo 2015. We have parked our special pick-up 500 there, from which we will draw bucket loads of Nazionale, the first 100% Italian beer!


We are curious to know who will come and visit us, so we have launched a special hashtag for the occasion >>  #500Baladin.



Baladin is first and foremost good craft beer, but it is also a world where the taste for good things, ideas and dreams to share intertwine. Many Baladin lovers want to get in contact with us, and more and more often come and visit the brewery, the pub in Piozzo and the aging cellar. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the time to travel to Piedmont: that’s why we have decided to open the doors of the “world of Baladin” to everyone, with a new website and more interaction on social networks.


My name is Christopher Ottosen a Chef  & documentary from Oslo Norway.


My motto is; before you create you need to learn and observe: "creation through observation".


I had the pleasure to follow the eccentric & visionary beer brewer Teo Musso & Baladin throughout the fair Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre 2012.


This is the first chapter of the documentary. Enjoy it !



We are happy to announce that Baladin won the title “BREWERY OF THE YEAR 2013”.


This amazing result was decreed by UNIONBIRRAI that every year organize a national contest called “Birra dell’Anno” “Beer of the Year” where more than 200 microbrewery propose the best selection of their product that are judged by an national and international jury.


The brewery that obtain the maximum score with its beers won the main title.


This year Baladin beers was ranked in the follow categories:

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