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2012 - July



YI-ER is born from the cooperation between Teo and his long time friend and companion since the very beginning of the Italian craft beer movement Agostino “Ago” Arioli from Birrificio Italiano.



Teo creates a top fermented beer inspired by “Imperial Russian Stouts”, with a high alcohol by volume content (11%) and fermented in oak barrels. His beer builds the malty basis of the blend. Ago creates a bottom fermented 8% beer, which ferments in steel vessels. Raspberries are added at the end of the fermentation process. His beer is the hoppy part of the final blend. The first beer for the blend is brewed at Open Days at the Baladin brewery in Farigliano. The combination of the two beers generates the YI-ER blend, 9.5% ABV. A beer with a unique, balanced style.

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