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The new brewery

Baladin is designing a new brewery where the word innovation will guide most of the technological and philosophical choices behind the creation of this place.
It will be a center of production, research, farming activities, eco-sustainability, study, sharing and culture: a real point of convergence of the innovative thinking of Baladin and Teo Musso.
The brewery will be the embodiment of the “open” approach, where the principle of sharing will translate into the possibility to visit the brewery, study there, gather experience and live the world of beer in its widest expression. We have many projects in store, which we believe will leave a mark. A part of the brewery will focus on innovation in products and production techniques (we have so many ideas!), another part will be devoted to the production of ingredients (in all their forms), another part to the education of future generations of brewers (a great cooperation is currently under way…). And for all and every lover of beer and its culture – or simply its taste – we are preparing a place which, we believe, will make them very happy! Slowly but surely, we will reveal all our ideas. And believe us, they are innovative!

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