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Laboratory of analysis

Being able to innovate also means being able to invest in the future. The laboratory of analysis is clear proof of this. The desire to control the quality of our production, carry out research on recipes (and analyze our past), autonomously produce one of the most important ingredients in beer making (yeast), and innovate by exploring new production techniques, made it necessary to plan this new investment. The current laboratory of analysis is just in its initial stage of development. The working team currently includes a microbiologist and a chemist, and the existing equipment is sufficient to meet the current needs of the brewery. However, our expansion plans involve significant larger spaces and further analysis equipment. We are also developing a project to offer education activities to third parties at the laboratory.

- Qualitative analysis: continuous monitoring of the production activity with sampling and analysis of products during their production cycle and aging. Infection prevention and monitoring of product evolution.
- Creation of new products: analysis of the obtained results when developing the recipes for new products. Theoretical study and check of pre-production samples. Balancing of the various ingredients.
- Yeast propagation: culture and propagation of yeast strains exclusively selected for the Baladin brewery.
- Research inspired by the past: analysis of the results obtained from ingredients and fermentation techniques used in the past, identified in cooperation with third party “archeo-fermentation” experts. In addition to monitoring the results obtained from the beer produced thanks to our research, we also analyze the chemical/physical evolutions of unusual ingredients and production processes.
- Validation of new production techniques: monitoring of the results obtained in the aging laboratory (the cellar), where we experiment controlled macro-oxidation techniques.
- A laboratory to share: we are currently planning a series of educational-operational activities in cooperation with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. These will give the opportunity to the students of the High Apprenticeship Course for master brewers to practice and further explore what they have learnt during theory classes.

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