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During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016, we met the Brazilian friends from Experimento Beer. Together, we have created a special beer - not available on the market – using an extraordinary fruit from their land: the Virada das Montanhas coffee, produced by the #CoorpolCooperative. Experimento Beer makes its beers with special ingredients that are grown in Brazil, with the intent to showcase them and spread knowledge. For instance, their SAISON UMBU contains a Slow Food Presidium: the umbù, a fruit produced by small communities in the Caatinga region. The ingredients are described on the website of Experimento Beer, while the beer labels contain the GPS coordinates which identify the exact place where the fruit is produced. Marcelo de Podestà from Slow Food Brasil was the one who introduced us to this wonderful example of beer culture. He is the promoter of Slow Beer Brazil, a group of beer makers and lovers who support the dissemination of informed drinking. The “Virada” was made at the Baladin brewery, using the facilities that are normally used for teaching purposes. The 200 liters have been bottled in magnum bottles and given as a gift to the brewery staff. Some of them will be kept to have a toast with our Brazilian colleagues. The label shows the coordinates of the coffee plantation, the premises of Experimento Beer and Open Garden. Go live beer! In Brazil, Baladin is distributed by Bier & Wein Importadora.

VIRADA: dark beer (6.4 %) enriched by the precious aromas of the fine "Virada das Montanhas" Brazilian coffee, which harmoniously blend with the bitter notes of hops and the lightly spicy character of pepper, and create a pleasant and warm combination.

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