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The evolution in Baladin family continues !



A new look for the Baladin bottles


After the opening of the new brewery and waiting for the official opening of the Open Garden Baladin park planned on the day of the summer solstice, next June 21, here comes a new look for our Baladin bottles. All over the world, it symbolizes and embodies the new “Baladin adventure”, showing our desire to evolve and, at the same time, our deep respect for tradition.


This restyling of our labels has deep roots. The new graphic design originates from the wish to celebrate and claim the very origins of the brewery; it refreshes and updates the artistic intuition which inspired the first labels. They were created at the end of the last millennium, in a small pub in Piozzo, by a young Teo Musso and his first graphic designer, Mascia Avanzo.


Since then, many other redesigns have followed – all of them successful and appreciated – and many graphic designers have ventured into working on the Baladin labels. And here we are with a new design, developed by the current graphic team of the brewery, which connects the threads of the history of Baladin with its future.  


The outcome is a graphic design with a vintage flavor, obtained by adapting the original Baladin font and choosing soft, watercolor hues. At the same time, it is very modern thanks to the use of the latest printing techniques. The new labels are elegant to the eye and precious to the touch: a skilled and balanced use of tactile paints lets you appreciate the label even when holding the bottle.


The new labels will be used on the products supplied to restaurants, particularly on the classic 750 ml sized bottles. The aim is to give restaurants the chance to offer an elegant product to their customers, which both tastes and looks good, thus satisfying all senses.


The restyling involves 12 types of beers: 9 are sealed with a cork covered in sealing wax; 3 belong to our range of hoppy beers and are currently sealed with a crown cap with a black profile which, again, emphasizes the elegance of the bottle.



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