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Teo Musso and Agostino Arioli are two pioneers of the Italian craft beer movement. They started producing their beers in the same years, but followed different philosophies: one used the technique of top fermentation, the other went for bottom fermentation. They had never made a beer together, until one day…

Teo contacted Ago and asked him to make a beer together at the 2012 Open Days, with the goal of comparing the two brewing techniques – top and bottom fermentation – that they represent.

Initially, they thought of swapping roles and have Ago make a top fermented beer and Teo a bottom fermented one. The project took its final shape when the two legendary master brewers met in Lurago Marinone, when Teo went to visit the new plant of Birrificio Italiano. Ago suggested the idea of a blend and Teo enthusiastically embraced it. The idea was not to have a challenge to show that both could correctly interpret each other’s style, but to celebrate a true “marriage of taste”. Teo made a top fermented beer inspired by “Imperial Russian Stouts”, with a high alcohol content (11%) and fermented in oak barrels. This was the malted basis for the blend. Ago made an 8% bottom fermented beer, fermented in steel. At the end of the fermentation process he added raspberries, whose aroma accompanied the notes of hops. This was the hoppy component of the blend. The combination of the two created YI-ER, a beer with 9.5% alcohol by volume content and a balanced and unique style. The first brew for the blend was made at the Baladin brewery in Farigliano during the Open Days.


Imperial Stout = ER


Alc/Vol 11 % - dark ale.

A particular version of a stout, characterized by a thicker body and high alcohol content, often well detectable to the palate. It takes its name from its popularity at the court of Saint Petersburg, where it came from England in good conditions thanks to the preserving action of alcohol. For similar reasons, it is also called "Baltic".

Teo’s interpretation is enriched by the notes of vanilla which come from the fermentation in French oak barrels.


Imperial Pils =YI


Alc/Vol 8 %

Pils beers [also called pilsener or pilsner] take their name from the Bohemian city of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic. The origin of this style dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when Bavarian master brewer Josef Groll was given the task to look after the production of beer in the Czech city (at the current plants of Pilsner Urquell) and make up for the bad quality of the beer produced until that moment.
Groll skillfully used the ingredients he had in Pilsen - water with a low salt content, light malt and strong hops. He combined these with a longer fermentation than usual.

Agostino’s interpretation uses fresh raspberries which give this beer a characteristic taste.




Alc/Vol 9.5 % – dark ale with a raspberry flavor.

It originates from the blend of the two beers described above.

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