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Super Arrogant


SUPER ARROGANT = A real challenge! Bringing together the most “hoppy” brewery in the world with the one which is less inclined to use this flower. This beer was created during the Italian stay of Greg Koch and Mitch Steele - from American brewery “STONE BREWING Co.” - during the BALADIN OPEN DAY 2011. It was a lot of fun to see Greg and Mitch pour bags of hops in the boiling tun during the “public brewing session”, while Teo picked a few flowers to throw in, as if he was committing a sacrilege!!! The result? A SUPER BALADIN with an “arrogant” bitterness, although very well balanced by the caramel-like nature of the original version. The resulting mix is absolutely unique and enticing. The alcohol content (the usual 8%) gives it an air of “important beer”, while the inevitable scents of hops certainly make it fresher and lighter.


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