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Nöel Perbacco 2002


NÖEL “PERBACCO” 2002 = A true rarity. In 2002 Baladin enters, so to speak, its “experimental” period. It is the year of turning points and curiosity, of the desire to go the extra mile and make new discoveries… And so, one day, our creator of all things Baladin wondered: “What would happen if I mixed beer wort with wine must and let it ferment?” And the only possible answer was: “Well, let’s try it!”. So, a production of Nöel (only 500 l at the time) was left to ferment with 25% Dolcetto wine must and… forgotten for many years in the “dungeons” of Baladin! Now, after more than 10 years, the surviving bottles (many movements and “tastings” have made the stock even smaller…) have become cult objects and are used ONLY on very special occasions, such as beer tastings at exhibitions or events for beer enthusiasts, and in particular combinations in the menus of Casa Baladin or restaurants where Teo himself guides the tastings.


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