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NÖEL CHOCOLAT = It is now tradition that each year we make a “special” version of Nöel Baladin for Christmas. Nöel Chocolate was made for the "Teo goes to chocolate" box, presented at Salone del Gusto 2004. On that occasion, Teo managed to bring together three Italian gurus of chocolate: Domori, Gobino and Rizzati. The box contained three products (a 70% cocoa chocolate by Domori, a praline with Nöel jelly by Gobino and a Nöel filled praline by Rizzati), all made from the extremely rare Ocumare 67 cocoa by Hacienda San José. Only a few kilograms are produced every year and were almost entirely used for these special boxes. The roasted Ocumare 67 cocoa beans were also used for our Nöel Chocolate (added during the boiling stage). The result was very interesting, as the tannins released by the cocoa beans gave a fascinating taste to a complex beer such as Nöel.


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