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GUSTO = as known. Baladin is not only about beers, but also, often, about an idea, a way of doing things, a point of view… a TASTE (“gusto”, in Italian). And that’s why Teo’s restless mind one day conceived a beer to celebrate his creative crew. These people are not just staff or a work team, but a real band of characters, artists with a multifaceted and colored background. Time after time, they interact with each other and with Teo to make visible that invisible, thin thread which has always connected the world of Baladin as we know it - through the interior design and furnishing of pubs and restaurants, exhibitions and shows, or creating original promotional images and unique events. Gusto fully reflected this creative and exuberant spirit with its marked notes of pepper and its fizz. The orange, sun-like color expresses the joyfulness of the spirit of the team, which was further emphasized by the flowery scents and the taste of citrus and fleshy fruits.


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