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The 6 Baladin classic beers (Isaac, Wayan, Nora, Super, Leön and Elixir) and the Riserva Teo Musso range (Xyauyù, Terre and Lune) are sealed with a cork. Why? There are mainly three reasons: first, cork is sustainable by nature, as it is a natural product which is easy to recycle. Also, we want our beers to be in contact with a natural element, when possible. Finally, we want those who serve our beers to rediscover and enjoy the pleasure of uncorking a bottle. Cork is a natural product obtained from the bark of an oak tree called “cork oak” - an evergreen which grows in Mediterranean areas such as Italy (90% of Italian cork oaks are in Sardinia), Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco and Algeria. Used corks, which are easy to recycle, if adequately processed can be reused as thermal and sound insulators in the green building and automotive sectors. Baladin uses agglomerated corks made from Portuguese cork by the firm Amorim. By choice, it is a standard flat cork with no metal cage, as the seal is ensured by its mechanical structure as well as by the use of a recyclable layer of shellac.



“Birra Baladin and cork: sustainable by nature”


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