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Shellac is an organic resin produced by a small insect called Kerria Lacca, who lives in the forests of Assam and Thailand. It is harvested directly from the bark where it is deposited. If adequately worked, shellac is great as a coating material, both for its hardness and durability. Its main uses are in the field of restoration, polishing and the maintenance of period furniture. As it is edible, it is also used as polishing agent for pills and candies, or as a coating for fruit to prevent its decay after harvest. Shellac is a natural polymer and has a similar chemical composition to synthetic polymers; it is therefore considered a natural “plastic”. As it is soluble, it is easy to recycle and can be used for the production of candles. Baladin uses it as a complement to seal its corked bottles. Again, in this case particular care has been given to aesthetics as well as to mechanical functionality, so every layer has the same color as the label of the beer it is associated to. The shellac we use, if you wish to recycle it, can be employed to produce candles, but it is not edible.


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