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Amorim is a Portuguese multinational and – quoting their presentation – is “world leader in the business of cork stoppers”. What has Baladin got to do with them? First, Teo has chosen to seal his beers with a standard tapered cork (the cylinder-shaped corks used, for instance, to seal still or lightly sparkling wine bottles), covered by a layer of shellac. It is a very elegant and innovative choice in the world of craft beer, but it makes things rather complicated when it comes to the technical management of the seal. Usually, mushroom-shaped corks with a metal cage are used (the ones normally used for champagne bottles). Baladin beers go through a refermentation process in the bottle (with the exclusion of the products which come from the Cantina), where the yeast digests the sugars and produces carbon dioxide. This is useful to preserve the beer, but creates great pressures inside the bottle. These pressures can reach even 6-7 bar in case of high room temperatures. This was the big challenge that Amorim decided to actively help tackling. For about one year, they carried out tests at their research center in Portugal to find the right granulometry, the right glue, the rights size and the right lubricant to obtain an adequate seal and at the same time an adequate load to uncork the bottle. It would have been easy to obtain a good seal without lubricant, but then who could have uncorked the bottle?! Well, all the efforts have been successful and our corked beers are now distributed in Italy and abroad with no problems at all. Amorim works with a natural product – cork – and, by choice and need, safeguards it. It actively works to recycle used corks, processing them to make them fit for a thousand different uses - from the building sector to the creation of design objects. These are the reasons and the common goals which have brought Baladin and the great Amorim together. We hope to continue cooperating with them to further fine-tune the corking of craft beers.


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