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Risotto with Mazara prawns paired with our Wayan.

Here is what Chef Christian Meloni of Casa Baladin recommends to match a refreshing and bubbly beer in this month of March. A simple recipe with an amazing flavour. Which Baladin beer would you recommend as an alternative to Wayan?



Carnaroli rice: 280gr

Lemons: 1

Butter: 120gr

Parmisan Cheese: 120gr

Premium red prawns: 4

Celery 2 sticks

Carrots 2

Onions 3

Garlic 2 cloves

Oil salt pepper



Prepare a vegetable stock Clean the prawns and leave in the fridge with oil, pepper and a peel of lemon zest Sautée the prawns heads and shells with the celery, the carrots, the garlic and a bit of parsley. Add some water and bring to the boil. Once the prawn broth is ready, filter and reduce since it becomes dense Peel the lemon and trim very finely its zest. Prepare an infusion with the trimmed zest. Put the oil with the garlic and pepper in a pot. Add the rice and toast it lightly, add the zest and gradually the water of the lemons and the stock Bring to the boil stirring costantly Add the butter, the pamisan, and a drop of oil, balance the acidity with the lemon juice. Serve lying the prawn on the rice adding the reduction of prown broth and a bit of grated lemon zest.




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