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Here we are, back for the second appointment with our chef Christian Meloni Delrio.


Today we will discover the recipe to be paired with our SUPER Baladin, an Amber beer, perfect for braised meats, and according to the chef (but also in teo’s Opinion) with the" CARBONADE FLAMANDE". Don’t you know what the "CARBONADE FLAMANDE" is? Well, you soon will!

PS: Follow us to watch the next adventures of the chef of #CasaBaladin and his recipes 


Beer Super Baladin  and the "Carbonade Flamande"



Dice in equal cubes the meat and sauté in oil butter and lard, add the bouquet

Once done, remove from the pan and stew the onions with the garlic cloves over low heat. Add sugar, cassonade and caramelize onions. Deglaze with the vinegar.

Add the meat, the spices and pour the Baladin Super. If necessary prolong the cooking adding some stock.

Bring to the boil over low heat

Serve with mustard flavoured croutons and sea salt roast potatoes





Pairing:  SUPER

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Veal topside: 500gr 

Lard: 100gr

Red vinegar: 1dl

Cassonade cane sugar: 80gr

Onions: 4

Cloves of garlic: 3

Aromatic bouquet: 1

Spoonful of flour: 1

Bottle of Super Baladin: 1

Juniper berry: 1

Clove: 1

Butter, oil, salt and peper as needed




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