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Round dumplings stuffed with Pecorino cream, garnished with caramelized pears, nuts and hazelnuts Pesto


This time our Chef Christian has tackled a dish pairing with one of the most beloved seasonal beers of the Baladin “panel”. This beer is produced using heather flower honey, carefully selected by Thun.


Of a golden colour and original taste, recalling the typical scents of honey but without it’s sweetness, shows the characteristic tones of a high fermented strong blonde ale.


The choice of pairing it with pear, cheese and hazelnuts is surely intriguing and enticing.. Why not trying it? Try to follow the Chef’s recipe or come to try this dish and other interesting food and beer pairings in our beer restaurant.. We look forward to welcome you




Ingredients for 4 people:


Fresh pasta 500 grs


Pecorino cheese 250 grs


Cream 250 grs


1 Abate pear


Bacon – 4 slices


Nuts -50 grs


Hazelnuts – 50 grs


Garlic ½ clove


Extra virgin olive oil as needed


Sugar 50 grs


Xyauyù as needed


Black truffle 8 grs



Boil the cream, add the scraped Pecorino cheese and mix.


Put nuts, hazelnuts, ½ clove of garlic, pecorino and extra virgin olive oil in the mortar.


Crush it until it becomes creamy.


Cut the pear into little cubes.  Put it in a pan with butter, sugar and blend with Xyauyù to caramelize.


Cut the bacon into strips and crunch it into a pan.


Make a flour fountain, put the eggs inside and knead.


Spread the dough with the slicer and stuff it with the Pecorino cream. With the pasta cup create the round dumplings.


Boil in hot water, season with butter and sage.


In the dish put the pesto of nuts, the round dumplings stuffed and garnished with pears, bacon and grated black truffle




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