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Casa Baladin has 5 rooms where you will feel the warm hospitality and soul of Baladin: 3 double rooms on the second floor (Africa, Japan and Barbie), 1 double room on the ground floor (Jewel) and 1 double room with Chinese canopy bed on the ground floor. In keeping with the mood of Casa Baladin, rooms do not have TVs.



The price for all rooms is 120.00 € per night for double occupancy, Italian breakfast included.

The price for a double room with single occupancy is 90.00 €, breakfast included.

At Casa Baladin our guests can pamper themselves at our small Turkish bath with changing room, available for 4 people. We can exclusively reserve it for you upon prior reservation. It includes one body scrub glove and Moroccan black soap, for each guest. The private changing room has ashower and a table and benches where teas and infusions of your choice are served. When booking, please select our “Coccole pack” option. The package includes one double room, access to the sauna, a beer aperitif with snacks and a 4 course meal at € 250 for 2 people.


Casa Baladin also includes a lounge with a small bar-cafeteria with a selection of teas, and a relaxation area with a small library of comics and computers that guests are welcome to use.


- Guests who book at the restaurant are kindly invited to let us know about any special dietary requirements (allergies, intolerances, vegetarians etc.).


- For those who book on Saturdays, you can reserve a visit to the brewery at € 5 including beer tasting and mini-TEKU.


- Double room offer 3 nights for € 330


- Single room offer 3 nights for € 240




Africa Room                                                                                                                                             Barbie Room




China Room                                                                                                                                             Japan Room




Jewel Room

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