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This is the place where everything started. There would be a lot to say and tell, but let’s start from the beginning. In 1986, Teo and his then girlfriend Michelle - a very young and very pretty French dancer – decide to open a “crêperie” in his native Piozzo, an unknown little village of 900 inhabitants in the Langhe region in Piedmont. He rents a former “osteria” with a teeny tiny flat on the top floor and a gravel courtyard at the back and opens his business. At first, his passion for beer (and his slight aversion to wine) fills his menu with over 200 international labels, as well as delicious tidbits to taste in addition to crepes. Slowly, the good choices made improve the reputation and the number of clients of this small place, called “Le Baladin” by friend François from CIRQUE BIDON as a tribute to Teo’s nature. Years go by, Le Baladin grows and changes, a big circus tent covers the gravel courtyard which, in the meantime, has been paved and has “Oktoberfest” style tables and chairs. Teo changes too. He has a new partner, Nora, who becomes his inspiring muse, and decides to go down a different path with Le Baladin. The once crêperie becomes a BREWPUB! After months spent studying and travelling with Nora to discover Belgian microbreweries, our hero comes back with huge barrels precariously placed on a Westfalia Volkswagen van and puts them in the former garage of the house owner, next to the now microbrewery. This is the beginning of the production adventure of BIRRA BALADIN, and two beers are immediately “imposed” to the regular customers. At first they are a bit perplexed and embarrassed to try these first, and honestly rather adventurous, Baladin productions. With time – but this is another story that you can read in another section – production is moved elsewhere for space and logistical reasons, but even today the magic atmosphere of the times of production has remained unchanged. Today, a large kitchen has replaced the brewing equipment and the pub offers the draught versions of the most classic Baladin beers, as well as all the bottled productions. Every now and then, a few touches offer our regular customers a few surprises and pay hidden tribute to the past. These signs are recognized by those who still remember the first days of Le Baladin, now the destination of “pilgrimages” for many beer enthusiasts. It is still a place where good food is accompanied by our beers, as well as good music and the smiles of our staff, who warmly welcomes and wishes a good day to all visitors, even those who just stop for a quick, reinvigorating beer.


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