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Here is a summary of all the places and activities offered at the Baladin Open Garden. An open place to share and relax with your family and friends.


The “Coda” farmyard: a charming rural building which, in its current form, dates back to the end of the 17th century and was included in the Napoleonic land register. It will be the heart of the park and host the main structures where the activities take place.


The oven: an ancient wood oven historically used to make the bread for the surrounding villages will be entirely renovated and started again. It will produce the symbolic welcome bread for all our visitors. The oven will also have a small millstone to work the cereals grown in the Baladin Open Garden and used in the bread recipe.


The aging cellars: dating back to before 1600, they will be restored to start a new life and host the aging barrels of the special Baladin Xyauyù beers.


The pub and the “salsicceria”: on the ground floor of the farmyard, where the stables once were, a small pub will welcome our visitors in case of bad weather. The pub will also serve a selection of bottled and tap beers, with 16 active taps.

Part of the area will become a butcher’s, or – using the Piedmontese expression – a “salsicceria”. Every Sunday, a local producer will sell the sausages made with its meat. The sausages can be bought and brought home, or cooked and eaten at the park.


The meeting room: the first floor has an equipped room for meetings and events.


The kitchen: on the same floor as the meeting room, the open kitchens will be used in case of events, dinners and special occasions.


The roasting facility: halfway between the first and the second floor, a small roasting facility will show how a coffee bean is processed. Coffees are served too.


The chocolate workshop: on the second floor, there will be a small chocolate workshop. Every Sunday, visitors will have the chance to see how chocolate – both liquid and solid - is made from a cocoa bean. A tasting session will follow, in combination with Baladin beers. The teaching workshops will be held by chocolate master Marta Dalmaviva


The hop field: 800 m from Baladin Open Garden, a 1 hectare hop field was planted in summer 2016. Some of the crowdfunding-related activities will be hosted here.


The barley field: next to the hop field, a barley field helps to produce the necessary malt for the Baladin beers, in addition to the 400 hectares farmed in the Marche and Basilicata regions.


Piozzo: 2 km from the Baladin Open Garden is Piozzo, the place where it all began. The central square of the village is the home of the brewpub where the world of Baladin started in 1986. In front of the pub is Casa Baladin - beer restaurant with rooms - the symbol of the combination between beers and haute cuisine. 

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