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Because Beer is Earth! This is the message that Teo Musso has been launching with enthusiasm for years to let a wide audience understand that craft beer is the result of the transformation of fine ingredients, grown by farmers in their fields. Today, with pride, we add that “Beer is Earth and sharing!”. This is the essence of our Baladin Open Garden.


A place to share and discover the connection between nature, farming, live beer and much more.


A place to meet with your family and friends, and spend some relaxing time in harmony with nature. For those who are interested, it is a place to explore, through emotional journeys, the experience of the Baladin philosophy, or an opportunity to find out how a cocoa bean turns into chocolate, or how coffee beans are processed.


Baladin Open Garden was presented on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice. It is the longest day of the year, an auspicious moment, a symbol of light and warmth. The ambition is to give a lot of positive energy to anyone who will visit it, and introduce the movement of Italian craft beer to as many people as possible.


This amplifies the “Open” concept that Teo Musso chose to promote the “beer culture”. He initially started with the creation of the first open source beer in Italy, whose recipe was published on the Web for anyone who wanted to replicate it at home, and then continued with the opening of the Open bars in several Italian cities. They are not only an important window for the Baladin products, but also for the many craft brewers that they host, with a wide choice of tap and bottled beers.


Baladin Open Garden is in the wonderful land of the Langhe and is a project that belongs to everyone, built by everyone thanks also to a crowdfunding campaign launched in the spirit of creating a community and feeling part of it. As Teo himself says: “I hope that each visitor can rediscover a part of themselves in the garden, and join in the spirit of a project that aims at creating culture and a community around the values of the earth and craft beer”.


The idea to use this modern tool goes hand in hand with the concept and the hope that virtual communities can generate real communities. The campaign was followed on the platform (Indiegogo) by over 393,000 users. The 547 donors collected the significant amount of more than 88,000 dollars. On the social networks, the news was seen by millions of users (more than 10,000,000 on Facebook alone, and more than 990,000 on Twitter). A great result. First of all, we would like to thank the many people who trusted us with their donations, as well as the many friends who believed in the campaign and turned it into a success with their support: Carlo Petrini, Davide Oldani, Gabriele Bonci, Joe Bastianich, Ugo Nespolo, Sam Calagione, Greg Cock, Lucio Maria Morra.


Carlo Petrini has always believed in the world of craft beer. With Slow Food, he has actively contributed to spreading its knowledge. It is a great honour to quote his words, which perfectly express the philosophy of the Baladin Open Garden.


"First of all, this is a space devoted to agriculture and the revitalization of a place which – away from large city centres – is once again a meeting place for the community, is always open and available to anyone. The Garden will also host many cooperation experiences with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. The University will have a sort of “branch” here, thanks to the educational facility built by Teo and which will be used to give all students the chance to experience how to make a live beer”.


Baladin Open Garden is Baladin’s most ambitious project since 1986, when Teo Musso opened his first pub, which in 1996 became a brewpub. It was inspired by the world of circus, and that’s why it was called "Baladin" – the “storyteller”. A long time has passed since then, and today Baladin is considered the most well-known independent Italian craft brewery. In 2012, after a long journey, it became a farm brewery which currently produces more than 80% of the ingredients used in its beers. In July last year, the new plant with a capacity of 50.000 hectolitres/year was opened in Piozzo, a small village looking over the Langhe. It is here, inside the large spaces that host the new brewery, that lies the 70,000-square meter park devoted to “live” beer and the connection with the Earth. An Open space for everyone: fans, beer lovers, food lovers, families, friends, adults and kids who can relax in the new Baladin garden and find out how a beer is produced - from the field to the glass (TEKU, in our case) - taste beers and local products from the local markets (visitors can bring their own food, cook the products bought at the garden or ask for the help of the Baladin chefs), or simply enjoy the time.


We expect Baladin Open Garden to become a key stop in the wine and food itineraries through the Langhe region, thus helping to spread the knowledge of Italian craft beer.


Every Sunday, its doors will open for the visitors and their “Baladin picnics”.


Several welcome areas will be prepared, with large grills and a central brazier. Baladin will provide the charcoal and anyone will be able to use it for free. Fruit, vegetables and other wonderful products of the earth will be on sale at the local “racContadino” farmers’ market (see the details below) under the farmhouse porch, and at the butcher’s. A kitchen service managed by the Baladin chefs will also be active. The “self-service” system will use special cardboard trays to help visitors carry their plates and cups – all made with recyclable materials. For those who are interested, visits will be organized to discover the world of Baladin and its production philosophy: “from the Earth to the glass”. Workshops on the processing of cocoa will be offered and kids (as well as their parents!) can join in the “Ludobus”, with games and wooden toys, while “Fata Zucchina” will tell her stories around the “Grandalbero”.


Where: Piozzo (Cuneo) – località Valle 25.


When: 2 events.

-          Official opening to the public: “Baladin 30+1” party, July 12 - 16.

-          Beginning of the Sunday picnics: July 23.



The “racContadino” market:


The symbol of Baladin Open Garden is the farmers’ market. Read more about the first farms who have decided to share our dream below. They will also be at the garden every Sunday. In addition to bringing their products, they will also be available to tell visitors something more about themselves and explain what it means to work the earth and process its fruits. They all have different backgrounds: some were born farmers following a family tradition, others have chosen to leave behind the frenzy pace of advertising and turn to the land. They all have their story to tell. The market will only sell seasonal, local fruit and vegetables. Every Sunday, the products can be bought, cooked and eaten at the garden, or brought home for the week. A 20-m long bench under the porch will offer a unique gastronomic journey. In a separate space, visitors will find the farmers’ market of Piozzo, where they can buy the exotic Nasci, farmed a few km away, and the famous “Piozzo” pumpkin in the autumn months.  



THE PIOZZO FARMERS’ MARKET– In addition to the farmers who will give life to the “racContadino” market on Sundays, the garden will also host some producers from Piozzo. They will present many of the typical products from their land, but a place of honour will be reserved to the pumpkin and the exotic Nasci.


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