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Baladin Jesolo La Guinguette



Baladin “lands” in the Venice lagoon, all-French and very Baladin style…


Teo and his friend and artist Marina Obradovic have created a new Baladin place taking inspiration from the French word “guinguette”, which identifies joints around Paris where you can have an informal meal, listen to music and dance. In Italy these places go by the name “balera” and often have a large outdoor space, just as we do.


The spirit that La Guinguette wants to convey is that of a place where you can spend time together, listen to music, have a chat and share good times in front of a good beer


22 beers will be served on tap (2 hand pumped), including Teo’s beers and many more. In line with Baladin’s love for sharing, 5 will be devoted to guests from the world of Italian craft beer, with a special focus on those based in the Veneto region.


The kitchen will serve high-quality burgers with meat by La Granda (Slow Food Presidium of Piedmontese beef breed) and the now legendary “fatate”, freshly made potato chips with unique flavors: from licorice to garlic and pecorino cheese, sweet paprika and much more. Vegetarians and vegans will find tasty dishes such as our vegaburger (with chickpeas and lentils) or our fish burger.


Beer, of course, will combine perfectly with all our dishes...


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