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A new, little gem is now part of the Baladin family. In Bologna, a new “creature” by Teo Musso has opened its doors in the center of the city: BALADIN BOLOGNA at Mercato di Mezzo! The new Baladin “pub” is located in the space which, since medieval times, has been the center of all activities related to food and the gastronomic memories and traditions of Bologna. The Market is in the middle of the Quadrilatero; it is a “natural shopping center”, one of the most beautiful places in the city, a covered square full of small shops and stalls where you can buy, taste and drink amazing quality products. Including our beers, which can be drank in or purchased and enjoyed at home. Baladin Bologna has the clear intent of quenching the thirst of drinkers who live in Bologna and the many tourists who visit the city. The Mercato di Mezzo is the perfect place for it: a melting pot of tradition and innovation, big shops and small businesses. The pub has two floors. The first overlooks the covered square and all its shops; customers can sit at one of the many available tables and drink and eat what they prefer, including local or national delicacy bought from our “neighbors”. The second floor is in the basement and hosts two rooms with about 30 seats. It has two bars: 6 taps are available on the ground floor and 6 in the basement. The style of the furniture and the decorations are wonderfully in line with the typical Baladin style and, at the same time, perfectly embody the spirit of the market. The result is a new place to tell what “live beers” are and express Baladin, its spirit and desire to spread the culture of beer! Those who want to see it for themselves and try our beers will be spoilt for choice. Customers will have the chance to take home our bottles, as well as buy beers by measure! As for food, Baladin Bologna will offer gourmet, freshly made dishes with fresh ingredients of the day. Burgers will be made with quality ingredients such as knife cut beef by La Granda (Slow Food Presidium, Piemontese beef breed) or mortadella from Bologna. The menu will be rounded off with sandwiches, snacks, salads and desserts. Baladin Bologna will also serve Baladin soft drinks: Cedrata, Spuma Nera, Ginger and Cola, made with cola nuts from Sierra Leone, another Slow Food Presidium.

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