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 What is Selezione Baladin? It is the company which distributes Baladin beers, and much more! Created in Piozzo in 2003 – initially for the distribution of Baladin beers in Italy and the management of business relationships abroad – it has developed over time, extending its catalogue to other excellent craft food products, and a few selected beers from Italian craft breweries which distinguish themselves for the quality and originality of their products. The catalogue continuously evolves thanks to the new Baladin products and the encounters we make, year after year, which top quality Italian producers – at times even in non food sectors. It now includes about a hundred food products, including Baladin soft drinks, pasta, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, pesto, olive and tomato pâtés, chocolate from Modica, sweet spreads, rice, home fragrances and even some “travel&food experiences”… If you are interested in the Selezione Baladin catalogue, you can find all information in the “PRODUCTS” section. 

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