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"Without a doubt, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, yes, of course: the wheel was also a pretty amazing one, but a wheel certainly doesn’t quench your thirst!"

Teo Musso


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Nöel Vanille is a Christmas ale. Dark, with a good head, it mesmerizes with its explosion of scents and aromas which evoke a festive atmosphere, full of cuddles and lazy times. Its chocolate notes mixed with the aromas of dried fruit and toffee are unforgettable. In this version, a strong but well-balanced taste of vanilla rounds up the experience. The vanilla pods – which give this beer its name – come from Madagascar and are processed directly by Baladin through a cold infusion process.



It is a blonde beer style "saison". It was produced as a "pilot" of the new version (2013) of Wayan, to study the balance between different types of pepper. In its genesis also the test on a type of yeast that favored high attenuation. The result, hence the name, a beer with a lot of character "peppered" with a spiciness really strong and edgy and a simple structure and dry.

Super 500

Super 500 = a special version of SUPER BALADIN made for the world presentation of FIAT 500. Five hundred numbered bottles were given as presents by FIAT to authorities and important people from the worlds of politics, entertainment, etc. The same year, a very limited production followed and was sold for Christmas in dedicated packages which included a small model of the original “500 BALADIN”, kindly produced by FIAT in one exemplar especially for us.




CU+ = the first “public” cooperation between Baladin and another brewery – BIRRA del BORGO and friend Leonardo Di Vincenzo, who would later become the number one partner in many of Teos’ brewing “adventures”. This is a warm beer with a beautiful dark, clear amber color. It is elegant and has a thick head, although not too persistent. The alcohol is quite strong (Alc/Vol 11%!), the scents are reminiscent of dried fruit and caramel.


Xyauyù 30 e Lode

Xyauyù 30 e Lode = more than a beer, this was an exam! Which we passed with flying colors thanks to the odd synergy between Teo’s creativity and the students from the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. With Xyauyù 30 e Lode, they wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest tasters of all times a few months after he passed away: Michael Jackson (an odd case of homonymy with the famous singer… who was the exact opposite, not just physically speaking). It was included in the range of our so-called “sofa beers”: oxidized, flat and with high alcohol content (for a beer).



GUSTO = as known. Baladin is not only about beers, but also, often, about an idea, a way of doing things, a point of view… a TASTE (“gusto”, in Italian). And that’s why Teo’s restless mind one day conceived a beer to celebrate his creative crew. These people are not just staff or a work team, but a real band of characters, artists with a multifaceted and colored background.


Super Arrogant

SUPER ARROGANT = A real challenge! Bringing together the most “hoppy” brewery in the world with the one which is less inclined to use this flower. This beer was created during the Italian stay of Greg Koch and Mitch Steele - from American brewery “STONE BREWING Co.” - during the BALADIN OPEN DAY 2011. It was a lot of fun to see Greg and Mitch pour bags of hops in the boiling tun during the “public brewing session”, while Teo picked a few flowers to throw in, as if he was committing a sacrilege!!! The result?


Nöel Perbacco 2002

NÖEL “PERBACCO” 2002 = A true rarity. In 2002 Baladin enters, so to speak, its “experimental” period. It is the year of turning points and curiosity, of the desire to go the extra mile and make new discoveries… And so, one day, our creator of all things Baladin wondered: “What would happen if I mixed beer wort with wine must and let it ferment?” And the only possible answer was: “Well, let’s try it!”. So, a production of Nöel (only 500 l at the time) was left to ferment with 25% Dolcetto wine must and… forgotten for many years in the “dungeons” of Baladin!



NÖEL CHOCOLAT = It is now tradition that each year we make a “special” version of Nöel Baladin for Christmas. Nöel Chocolate was made for the "Teo goes to chocolate" box, presented at Salone del Gusto 2004. On that occasion, Teo managed to bring together three Italian gurus of chocolate: Domori, Gobino and Rizzati. The box contained three products (a 70% cocoa chocolate by Domori, a praline with Nöel jelly by Gobino and a Nöel filled praline by Rizzati), all made from the extremely rare Ocumare 67 cocoa by Hacienda San José.



NÖEL CAFÈ = A few years after the Nöel Chocolate experiment, it is the turn of coffee on Christmas 2007! For this beer, Teo goes for a light flavoring obtained from an extremely prestigious and delicate coffee, chosen by his great friend Leonardo Lelli. With this “fusion” he achieves subtly aromatic and peculiar sensations, where the notes of almonds pleasantly combine with roasted flavors. The originality of this beer lied in a little trick played to enhance the exceptional quality of this coffee: a whole bean was placed inside each bottle!




BEFANÀ = The first cooperation between Birrificio Baladin with one… in fact, TWO HOMEBREWERS!!! Francesco Conforti and Davide Pedrini were the first winners of the yearly contest which has been taking place in Piozzo for years now. Beer lovers gather and have their home productions judged by a qualified international jury of tasters and professional brewers. The first prize is the opportunity to participate in a professional brewing at our brewery. This first beer - a 9.5%.



ÒTTEMEL = An Oat Meal Stout created – again, in the context of the “brewer for a day” initiative - with homebrewer Egidio Latronico, winner of the HB 2011 national championship. This is a particular kind of Stout obtained by adding oat flakes to roasted and malted barley. Oat adds smoothness to the taste, as well as a touch of sweetness. In this case, Egidio and Paolo “Palli” (our brewmaster…) have slightly strayed from the classic alcohol content of this style and brought it to 7.2%.




TRÒPPEL = This time, again, the winners and non-professional “partners” are two: Maurizio Caselli and Alessandro Gardelli. Our heroes suggest to Teo and Palli a perfectly respectable “trippel”. Once again, the alcohol content is high (10.2%), the color is light and the taste crisp and enticing, thanks also to the hops from England and the Czech Republic. Just like in the other cases, this beer demonstrates how high the skills of many beer lovers are in Italy.



FÈRMETE = In this case the “non-professional” cooperation does not involve ONE or TWO homebrewers, but an entire ASSOCIATION. The production of this Altbier involves all members of “BIRRANDO GUSTANDO”, an association from Giaveno (TO), Piedmont, whose aim is to gather amateur tasters and homebrewers and, more importantly, to attract even more people to the wonderful world of craft beer.

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