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The 6 Baladin classic beers (Isaac, Wayan, Nora, Super, Leön and Elixir) and the Riserva Teo Musso range (Xyauyù, Terre and Lune) are sealed with a cork. Why? There are mainly three reasons: first, cork is sustainable by nature, as it is a natural product which is easy to recycle. Also, we want our beers to be in contact with a natural element, when possible. Finally, we want those who serve our beers to rediscover and enjoy the pleasure of uncorking a bottle.



Amorim is a Portuguese multinational and – quoting their presentation – is “world leader in the business of cork stoppers”. What has Baladin got to do with them? First, Teo has chosen to seal his beers with a standard tapered cork (the cylinder-shaped corks used, for instance, to seal still or lightly sparkling wine bottles), covered by a layer of shellac. It is a very elegant and innovative choice in the world of craft beer, but it makes things rather complicated when it comes to the technical management of the seal.



Shellac is an organic resin produced by a small insect called Kerria Lacca, who lives in the forests of Assam and Thailand. It is harvested directly from the bark where it is deposited. If adequately worked, shellac is great as a coating material, both for its hardness and durability. Its main uses are in the field of restoration, polishing and the maintenance of period furniture. As it is edible, it is also used as polishing agent for pills and candies, or as a coating for fruit to prevent its decay after harvest.



We don’t need to explain how to use a corkscrew, do we? We just wanted to show you how beautiful it looks to uncork a beer bottle. So, what do you think? And just to answer a question we are often asked: the shellac comes off very easily, it does not crumble like sealing wax, and it just takes a small knife or even your nail to cut it, as it is so soft. Cheers!


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