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Teo ventures again into the world of macro-oxidation. This new exploration of taste starts from Xyauyù Oro, combined with a product of the best Italian farming: Kentucky tobacco. Using a cold infusion technique, tobacco is added to the oak barrels where the beer is kept. Read more



A unique beer is obtained, with strong and at the same time delicate scents and tastes, reminiscent of the atmosphere of past days. It has a clear, dark golden red color with brownish hues. When poured, it has no head and no gas. Scents of dried fruit and cherries in alcohol, while the sweet aroma of macerated tobacco stands out. The taste is a perfect balance between the malty flavors and the taste of tobacco. Hints of vanilla contrast the typical tangy, almost leathery notes of tobacco. A blend of tastes which gives this beer a bitter, dry finish.


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